Climate change


Climate change is one of the biggest problems. It needs more attention. Many young people feel that they are not sufficiently understood about their worries about the future. They must therefore be given the floor and the right to express their concerns.

Efforts should be made to increase the use of public transport instead of private cars and shorter distances for walking or cycling. It is a good idea to try to give up petrol cars altogether in the long run and use an electric car or public transport instead. Efforts must also be made to abandon the use of fossil fuels and to preserve nature. It is also good for us to encourage companies to be environmentally friendly. 

Steps have already been taken to combat climate change, but we need to strengthen them and we need to stick to the targets that have been set. 

We need good walking and cycling routes, accessibility is also worth considering.

We must also give future generations a chance at life, and it is important to tackle climate change before it is too late.